“This run-of-the-mill green Kremling is the most common type.”
Donkey Kong Country Manual, Page 28

Kritters are a common type of Kremling. Kritter is found in almost all games in the Donkey Kong series. Kritters are the most common of Kremlings and are the foot soldiers of the Kremling Krew, a role similar to that of the Koopa Troopas from the Mario series. Kritters come in a variety of colours.


Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong Land seriesEdit

Donkey Kong CountryEdit

Kritters first appeared in Donkey Kong Country where, along with Gnawtys and Zingers they were the most common enemies. Regular green Kritters (oddly recolored purple in the Game Boy Advance remake of the game) would attack by simply walking into the Kongs, whereas other colors can jump at the Kongs.

Donkey Kong LandEdit

Kritters also appeared in Donkey Kong Country's pseudo-sequel for the Game Boy, Donkey Kong Land. In this game all Kritters were the same color due to the Game Boy's color limitations.

Donkey Kong Country/Land 2Edit

In Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest and Donkey Kong Land 2, Kritters were replaced with Klomps, Kremlings that wear tattered red and white shorts and have a peg leg. Also another Kremling called Kaboing, whom had two peg legs replaced Donkey Kong Country's jumping Kritters. It has been surmised by some that Kaboings and Klomps are Kritters in pirate clothing, which is a safe assumption as Kritters have a large resemblance to these two enemies.

Donkey Kong Country/Land 3Edit

In Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! and Donkey Kong Land III, Kritters are once again replaced, this time by a type of Kremling called Kobbles who were surprisingly rare in the former game while extremely common in the latter. Jumping Kritters are also replaced with enemies called Re-Koils, who were orange and bounced on their tails.

In the Game Boy Advance remake of Donkey Kong Country 3, Kritters appear as enemies in Funky Kong's mini-games. Here, the Kongs will have to avoid attacking Kritters while doing a task (such as moving explosive mines), though sometimes the Kongs will have to race and/or battle Kritters.

Club NintendoEdit

A blue Kritter attacked Diddy and Donkey Kong in a cave in the Club Nintendo comic "Donkey Kong Country". He gets scared by Donkey's huge shadow, projected onto the wall by Squawks' torch. Donkey ultimately defeats him by throwing a Barrel at him. Like every character in the comic, the Kritter was able to speak.

Donkey Kong Country TV showEdit


In the Donkey Kong Country animated series Kritters (voiced by Lawrence Bayne) occasionally appeared, here they had the same appearance as the ones in the Donkey Kong Country game, but with shorter tails and unconnected eyes. Green Kroc, a minion of Kaptain Skurvy was also a Kritter but, was oddly grayish in color (similar to the color of Kaboings).

Diddy Kong RacingEdit

In Diddy Kong Racing, a single Kritter named Krunch appears. At first Krunch is sent to Timber's Island to investigate why Diddy Kong went there and to figure if he and his friends are plotting some sort of anti-Kremling campaign, but eventually Krunch ends up aiding Diddy and his pals in their adventure to defeat the evil Wizpig. Interestingly in Donkey Kong 64 all Kritters encountered wear the exact same skull-and-crossbones jacket as Krunch.

Donkey Kong 64Edit

As mentioned above, Kritters appear in Donkey Kong 64 as semi-common enemies. In this game all Kritters wear leather jackets with a skull-and-crossbones emblem on it. Here Kritters attack the Kongs by punching and biting also several unnamed variants of Kritters such as, a wind-up robotic Kritter, a Kritter in a mushroom costume, and a Kritter using a bed-sheet to disguise itself as ghost, appear in this game. The Kritters in this game appeared skinnier and had less muscles.

DK: seriesEdit

Kritters (simply called Kremlings here) also appear in DK: King of Swing, here they are given a new appearance. Kritters/Kremlings here can swing from pegs like Donkey Kong and will sometimes attack by throwing things such as rocks and bombs. Kritters/Kremlings are also playable in the games Jungle Jam Mode after unlocking six gold medal in said mode.

Kritters also appeared in DK: Jungle Climber where they had the same attacks in their previous appearance.

Mario Power Tennis Edit

Kritters have recently begun to appear in the Mario spin-off sports games; in Mario Power Tennis they appear in Donkey Kong's Court.

Mario Football seriesEdit

In Mario Smash Football, they are the game's goalies, the game also has a robotic Kritter as the goalie of the Super Team. They reappear as goalies in the game's sequel, Mario Strikers Charged Football. In this game, though, the player can play as them to block Mega Strikes.

Donkey Kong Barrel BlastEdit

A Kritter appears as a playable character in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast, having a similar appearance to the ones featured in DK: King of Swing and is a rival of Donkey Kong.

Mario Super SluggersEdit

Four different colored Kritters, along with King K. Rool, are playable in Mario Super Sluggers. All four Kritters have good fielding abilities, but they are pretty slow with their running abilities.

Physical AppearanceEdit


Kritters originally had gold shoulder pads and knee pads and a bluish-green skin tone, though various other colour variations appeared too, such as purple and burgundy. In Donkey Kong 64, they had a bright green skin tone and wore leather clothing and a belt with a skull-and-crossbones belt buckle on it.

As of Donkey Kong: Barrel Blast and Mario Super Sluggers, Kritters are significantly more muscular, especially in their chest and arms, with a rounder snout and head. Their current design also consists of tattered tan pants and spiked wristbands, and having the same skull themed belt as in Donkey Kong 64.

Notable KrittersEdit

Game InformationEdit

Super Smash Bros. Brawl TrophiesEdit

Kritter (Goalie) 100px Wii Mario Strikers Charged An underling of King K. Rool and the one and only goalie of Super Mario Strikers. In other words, it doesn't matter what team you play as--your goalie is going to be Kritter. Despite being at the very bottom of the Kremling ranks, he's responsible for what many might consider to be the toughest AND most important field position.
Kritter 100px SNES Donkey Kong Country A member of the Kremlings. Led by King K. Rool, Kritters are the grunts of the army. They appear frequently in Donkey Kong Country in green, purple, blue, and other color variations--the blue ones will jump after Donkey Kong. Kritters also appear in Donkey Kong: Barrel Blast, pounding those barrels in pursuit of Donkey Kong.

Mario Super Sluggers ProfilesEdit

Green Kritter A brute whose glove hides his slow feet. Keeper Catch Left Right Pitch4/10
Blue Kritter A true brute with a good arm! Keeper Catch Left Right Pitch5/10
Red Kritter A true brute who wields a big bat. Keeper Catch Left Right Pitch3/10
Brown Kritter A true brute who can run a bit. Keeper Catch Left Right Pitch3/10


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